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REAL Elevators. was formed was formed in 1993 with a mission to automate the vertical lift industries and goods movement requirements of industries from the primitive contactor coil based logic to mini relays to solid state cards to micro processor based lift operations develop over a period of 10-12 years.

Our first job of lift installation so impressed the clients that they asked us to manufacture and install the complete lift in their next project. From then on we have never looked back.

Our stress has been to break new barriers with every project. This study and attention to original designing and developments has paid rich dividends over the years, with the development of a robust infrastructure.

The market has a need for constant research of new solutions of vertical transportation; from elevator systems to lifting platforms designed to overcome architectural barriers and to provide solutions for residential, commercial and industrial establishments with special and customised elevators and stair lifts. We have products and components including elevators and lifting car platforms which are self supporting and cladded with steel and aluminium sheets. Many different and customised finishes are available to meet customer requirements.

Automatic loading and car doors, self-supporting metal structures both for indoor and outdoor and applications in aluminium or steel with inbuilt resistance to corrosion in harsh environment.