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Hydraulic Scissor

Whenever it is required to lift materials from a certain elevation to another safely and without the encumbrance of a regular traction lift, scissors type lifting platforms (Also called Hydraulic Tables) are used.


Hydraulic Tables could also be used for purposes such as lifting, feeding, transporting, rotating and overthrowing of a large range of objects in various tasks.


All structural components of the scissors and the platform are designed for typical heavy loading by the welded construction method. The Hydraulic system and accompanying sub-systems are designed in order to enable easy-maintenance and friendly-usage.


In order to identify the type and capacity of the hydraulic tables most suited to you, the following data are needed to be furnished by you:

The load capacity Stroke and distance
Platform sizes Usage and Frequency


Scissors Type Hydraulic Tables could be designed to work over single or multi-scissors. They need 415 V - AC, 3-phase power with Neutral and 2 Nos. earth. The scissors are mounted on a fixed base and are generally fitted in a pit so that the car can have a level loading at the ground floor. The platform can mate with the first floor level so that there is minimum movement during trolley rolling off at the floor level.


If the ratio of the travel to the length of the platform exceeds 7:10 they should be designed fixed, within base and with a proper guiding system mounted on a rigid lift shaft.

Mobile hydraulic scissors are also available with wheels.


The capacity of car platforms can range from 1,500 Kgs or more. Hydraulic Tables are especially used for loading and unloading of cars, adjustment of the elevation for showrooms, feeding large roofs, etc.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift - 01

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Hydraulic Scissor Lift - 02

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Hydraulic Scissor Lift - 03

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Hydraulic Scissor Lift - 04

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