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Automated Car

Used for multi-storeyed movement of cars & two wheelers by automobile show rooms, multi-level parking facilities, rooftop parking, etc.
The main advantage offered by us is the ability to carry vehicles with the least amount of power. Also, we being leaders in this type of lifts, a wide range of lifts is on offer to suit every requirement and pocket. The basic design is a drum wound lift with an open chequered plate platform. Better efficiency is achieved by the use of a traction machine. The platform can be covered by very elegant sheet metal panels painted to your shade of choice. If people too are required to travel in the lift, special devices are used to make the lifts safer and smooth. Even the gates can be made automatic if so desired.
These lifts can also be installed in self supporting steel structures even outside a building. Special lifts can be designed for off-loading vehicles from multi level delivery trucks.
Clients – This portion is left because of excessive information of clients.

  • Machine Room Height 'M1 - 2430 Overhead ( 0.35m/s speed ) 'O' - 3950
  • Pit Depth 'P' - 1650 Overhead (> 0.35 m/s speed) 'O' - 4600
  • Any number of floors can be served. The Side elevation shows only the Top Floor &
  • Bottom Floor for the respective height requirements
  • All Door heights will be as per the table below. Door Lintel Bottom should be at plus
  • 150mm above the clear height mentioned in the table.
  • Two side open doors are possible at ground floor at the same or different level.
  • Plan for Manual Swing doors / Telescopic doors are different.
  • All Sizes are inside finished dimensions in mm.
  • All Hoist way walls are 230 mm thick Brick or 150 mm RCC walls.


  • Entire Civil Structure for the lift shaft including plaster & painting of lift shaft inside.
  • Three Phase Electric Supply
  • Scaffolding during Lift erection
  • Provision of 4 Nos. u-channels (ISMC 300) of length 'C' + 450mm to be placed
  • Above bed plates 12mm thick of size 200mm x 1500mm.
  • Provision of sill support, machine support, Lifting beam / hook, pit ladder, etc
  • Grouting of our holdfasts, Push button Boxes, Doorframe members, etc
  • Machine room will be so constructed that the lift machine is approachable from three sides for maintenance.




Type and No. of Vehicles
Load Car inside
‘A’   x   ‘B’
Lift Shaft
One side open
‘C’   x   ‘D’
Lift Shaft
Tow  side open
‘C’   x   ‘D’
Kgs. Width x Length Width x Length Width x Length Width x Length
3 Two wheelers 500 1200 x 2400 2000 x 2800 2000 x 2760 1000 x 2000
4 Two wheelers 750 1500 x 2400 2300 x 2900 2900 x 5360 1300 x 2000
Small cars 1,200 2300 x 5000 3400 x 5500 3200 x 5500 2100 x 2000
Medium Sized cars 2,000 2400 x 5100 3250 x 5600 3250 x 5600 2200 x 2000
Luxury Cars 3,000 2700 x 5400 3550 x 5900 3250 x 5900 2400 x 2200
S. U. V 4,000 3000 x 5750 3950 x 6250 3950 x 6250 2400 x 2200
L. C. V / BUS 10,000 3500 x 7300 4400 x 7800 4400 x 7800 3000 x 2400
Special Purpose Custom built sizes for heavy vehicles

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Car Lift - 2

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Car Lift - 3

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Car Lift - 4

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